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Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect Heaters are engineered to provide maximum heating efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Up to 93% thermal efficiency through improved heater design. A complete safety package is available with each unit for years of safe unattended operation.

Typical units include:

  • Water Bath
  • Steam Bath
  • Hot Oil Bath
  • Salt Bath
  • Line Heaters

Direct Fired Heaters

Petro Techna convective direct fired heaters achieve up to 90% thermal efficiency with safe and reliable operation. Available with all instruments, piping and wiring pre-tested at the shop.

Typical units include:

  • Glycol water Heaters
  • Reboilers (DEA, MEA, MDEA, DGA)
  • Natural Gas Heaters
  • Crude Oil Heaters

Heater Treater

A vessel that uses heat to break oil/water emulsions so the oil can be accepted by the pipeline or transport. There are two types of treaters, vertical and horizontal. The main difference between them is the residence time, which is shorter in the vertical configuration as compared to the horizontal. Petro Techna’s design includes efficient heaters as well as dehydration technology.


Electrostatic Desalter

Petro Techna designs and fabricates electrostatic desalters which remove dissolved and crystalline salts in crude oil. Our desalting systems also remove left-over impurities such as finely divided sand particles, clays, Iron Oxide, drilling muds, Iron Sulphide, Arsene etc.
Irrespective of the salt content, API gravity, viscosity and Sulphur content, the professionals at Petro Techna will design and fabricate a desalting package specifically tailored toward meeting the desired specifications. Apart from the unique efficiency of our desalters, their durability also stands them out in the global market place. Many of the desalters we provided to operators in the Middle East twenty (20) years ago are still in full operation today. Petro Techna utilizes different proven technologies to optimize the process based on the obtained field condition.

Test Separator

A vessel used to separate and meter relatively small quantities of oil and gas. Test separators can be two-phase, three-phase, horizontal, vertical or spherical. They can also be permanent or portable. Test separators are equipped with different meters to determine oil, water and gas rates, which are important in diagnosing well problems, evaluating production performance of individual wells, and managing reserves properly. Test separators are also often called well testers or well checkers.


Production Separator

A separator is a pressure vessel used for separating different phases of a well stream. Vessel configuration may vary from horizontal to vertical and spherical depending on the application. Separation process is usually designed in stages in which the first stage separator is used for preliminary phase separation. Second and third stage separators are typically utilized for further treatments.

Separators can be used for gas/liquid separation (Two-Phase Separator) or oil/gas/water separation (Three Phase Separator). In the two-phase units, gas is separated from the liquid, passes through high-efficiency demisting equipments and is discharged from top outlet connections. The de-gassed liquid is routed to the bottom outlet in order to be transferred to downstream equipments.

Similarly, in three-phase separators the gas is separated from liquid while oil-water mixture is given a retention time. Retention time shall be sufficiently long in order to allow the water settle and drain while the oil spills over the weir (or similar arrangements) and is separated. Retention time is usually provided by operating experience or laboratory test data/ pilot plant operating test results.



Pig Launchers & Receivers

Pipeline production and maintenance operations include the practice of inserting a mechanical plug (pig) or inflatable ball (sphere) into the pipeline and allowing the production fluid to drive it from one end of the pipeline to the other. Petro Techna designs and builds launchers and receivers, in various sizes, for both intelligent and conventional pigging.


Well Head Manifold

In the oil and gas industry, each well is brought into the main production facility over a network of pipelines and manifold systems. Petro Techna can design and manufacture complete wellhead distribution manifolds for oil and gas collection. High pressure valves and pipe work, flow meters, transmitters, and PLC software for data management are included.