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Hot Oil System

Petro Techna’s hot oil systems are designed for the purpose of heat transfer to fluid streams or downstream equipment such as heat exchangers, reboilers or other vessels that require it. We design all hot oil packages to our client’s specifications. Our systems include a storage tank with its accompanying loading pump, an expansion tank with Nitrogen blanketing, a fired heater, filter package and a set of recirculation pumps. All the requisite instrumentation for the system is designed and assembled by Petro Techna.

Vapor Recovery Unit

Vapor recovery is the process of collecting and recovering the gasoline vapors (or other fuels) in order to prevent them from escaping into the atmosphere. This is often utilized at filling stations or gasoline depots and reduces noxious and potentially explosive fumes and pollution.

The VRU package is equipped with a compressor drawing the air and vapors released during gasoline dispensing. This amount can be as much as 2 liters of air and gasoline vapor for every liter of gasoline dispensed. The gaseous mixture is washed with gasoline in an absorber column and passed through a membrane system. Membrane selectively separates the remaining hydrocarbon vapors and the concentrated vapor is returned back to the main feed line. Air, stripped of 95% to 99% of the hydrocarbons, is vented to a safe location. In addition to reducing hydrocarbon emissions, the value of recovered gasoline has made VRU packages economically beneficial.